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a man hacking the personal computer

The biggest lottery scandal - he knew what the Hot Lotto numbers would be!

It was the biggest scandal in the lottery world. One man with a friend hacked the lottery computer. He entered his numbers of Hot Lotto to win the jackpot in 2010, and was accused of fraud in 2015.

Publication: 21.08.2018

many white lottery balls with numbers printed

Prepare for tonight's biggest Powerball jackpot ever! R140 million is waiting for lucky player

Tonoght somebody can win R140 million Powerball jackpot! It is another big rollover and record itself. There was no biggest jackpot prize in National Lottery Powerball ever before!

Publication: 03.08.2018

happy girl showing her lottery win, numbers floatin around in the air

What R16 million Powerball Plus winner says?

R16 million Powerball Plus winner says that she always wanted to be a blessing for people although she lives in poverty. She has a big family and not much money. Jackpot prize was a blessing for her.

Publication: 30.07.2018

lotto outlet where you buy tickets

Who won the Powerball Jackpot on tuesday, 5th June 2018?

Two players shared almost R27 million prize of Powerball jackpot on 6th June, 2018. One of them is avid player and decided to talk with interviewers about the big win. Check what he has said.

Publication: 13.07.2018

car and the person in the middle of nowhere road during night

R9 million winner slept in the car to keep Lotto ticket safe

There are many ways to secure your lotto ticket after winning. One of National Lottery winners decided to do it by sleeping with the ticket in his car before he could go and claim it in the office.

Publication: 19.06.2018

very happy woman showing his smatphone with lottery app opened

A Beginner's Guide to Playing the National Lottery Online in South Africa

If you want to play SA lottery, use online options! Just make account on the official wallet site and play with your bank or payu. Read whole tutorial to know how to play fast and easily.

Publication: 11.06.2018

four leaf clovers growing on mud

Woman from Cape Town won R58 Lotto Jackpot on 12th May!

Read the story of the woman who can retire now, because she won outstanding R58 million in Lotto! Usually she plays Powerball but one lucky Lotto ticket changed her life!

Publication: 28.05.2018

lottery tickets on the table around the pencil

Check your old tickets! Over R25 million Powerball Plus prizes unclaimed

Over R25 million Powerball Plus prizes stay unclaimed in two winnings that expire soon. First expire in June and second in July. You have not very much time to check your old tickets and claim the prize!

Publication: 25.05.2018

ruins of the castle in northern Ireland

5.9 million EUR win after playing Irish lottery for 27 years

If you play lottery for many years, do you still believe in winning? These guys were playing 27 years with faith, and one day they won outstanding R88 million in Irish lotto!

Publication: 19.05.2018

the tropical island maldives

Win It Up! - Powerball promotional competition

For six weeks you can win more than just cash prizes in popular National Lottery game - Powerball. Promotion is called the Win it Up! There are some decent prizes like trips to private island!

Publication: 09.05.2018

professional filming camera in action

Movie about big lottery El Gordo win in Spain

In 2011 entire village managed to win the Christmas Lottery by spanish El Gordo. Each player won minimum amount of 100,000 euros! Everybody won.. except one player who was missed during the sales!

Publication: 08.05.2018

Lotto ticket being filled with pen

Today's LOTTO jackpot is guaranted R50 Million!

Today's National Lottery Lotto game will bring a big win of guaranted jackpot - R50 Million! If nobody wins there will be huge rollover. Do you have purchased your ticket already?

Publication: 05.05.2018

lottery balls in different colors

He thought he won 50 Million Rands!

This happened in polish lottery. Family found the big winning Lotto ticket in the park. However, retailer told them tah it is fake and they won nothing, the numbers were forged by someone to make stupid joke.

Publication: 02.05.2018

man eagerly uses his app on the mobile phone

Play National Lottery via PayU!

You can play safely the NAtional Lottery using Payu service starting from 11 april, 2018. You will find it in your lottery wallet on the official site.

Publication: 17.04.2018

very happy man throwing papers into air

Can lottery winners be anonymous?

Very interesting subject - can you stay anonymous when you win millions of rands and you are afraid of your life? Every winner want to stay in the shadow, but not always it is possible, check why.

Publication: 17.04.2018

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